Monthly Recap // May 2016

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May was another month of working too much and living for the weekends, whether they are lazy AF or full of fun little days out! This month was a bit different than my usual weekend adventures, with spending the evening eating stupidly posh steak and gambling at The Hippodrome Casino for one of Dayles friends birthdays. Damn that steak was good! I wasn't sure what I would think of gambling, being the massive tight ass that I am, but it was pretty fun! ...even if I did loose the money I put in, but it was a new experience, so worth it.

Captain America: Civil War finallyyyy came out at the cinemas, and geeze was it intense! I obviously wore my Avengers tee and got my nerd on. The twists were just so good, and obviously all of the action was on point! Totally loved it, and It was a nice little end to the Cap and Bucky story line.

The weather in May was lovely, we had a solid week or two of sunshine, which really lifted my mood and got me all excited for Summer! Because we are English, we took this as an opportunity to have a BBQ, which means hanging out with family and eating good food, which is absolutely perfect to me!

I had a lovely catch up with two friends shopping in a local town and eating Nando, wandering around, looking at clothes and finding out what each other has been up to is always nice! We spent a lot of time in Primark, hunting out the bargains and looking at the pyjamas for wayyy too long haha.

Over the bank holiday weekend, the boyfriend, his family and myself all went off for a nice day out to a country show. If you are wondering, it's like a massive field full of local small business and pretty things, food and horse jumping/racing. We wandered around for hours, sampling as many of the free testers as we could and enjoying all the little nick nacks in the stalls. We had a little picnic halfway through the day, which was lovely, if a little bit hard to keep Alfie, their dog away from eating the food. It was a really nice day, I love anything like that, especially all of the food options!

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