Summer Layering

by - 08:30

Spring and Summer can be such an awkward time for dressing, you are used to so many layers of clothes, that it feels weird to not cover yourself up when it starts getting warm. It takes me at least a month of trial wearing shorts with legs out around my house to get used to the idea of wearing them outside (is this just me?) I just feel so exposed and want to hide behind my thick tights! I also find I feel a bit strange when I have more than one skin related thing out, like shoulders and legs. I don't know what it is, I think I just like the idea of balance so I'm not too revealed. When the English summer (HA!) hits that becomes a bit too hard to do though, it's too hot, we're not used to it, and I just want to be comfy! For this outfit I thought I would try a compromise between these two issues, and decided to layer a simple white short sleeve top under a patterned Summer dress, and I love it!

It's so simple, yet works really well. It allows me to hide a bit of upper body/shoulder skin, so I don't feel too revealed. I won't get sun burnt on my shoulders (Pale problems) and I think it looks really cute and a little bit edgy/grunge. 
I'm now going to be hunting through my wardrobe and trying on all my strappy dresses on over a white top and start planning some outfits! 

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