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For a Twenty-Four year old I haven't really travelled far, or even that much in general, and I always wish that I had more in my past, and that I will in my future. Coming from a family that is partly scared of flying and partly against spending unnecessary money (Sorry dad) I've always seemed to go away to places in England, or in Europe with University trips. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy these, and I love a holiday in England, wandering along stony beaches and looking at endless castles, but I always felt like I had been missing out a bit. Now that I am getting older, and am in a happy relationship, the idea of going away to further places isn't as unlikely as they have been before, because I will always have someone to come with me to enjoy it with! 

Me and Dayle have been scrimping and saving as much as we can now for two years, so that we can own our own property, and as much as we are looking forward to doing that, we realised that we need to live and enjoy the now, so we started looking at holidays. It might seem a bit flippant to spend such a large chunk of money when we are trying to save, but we thought we might as well enjoy the freedom of having no responsibilities, and use a bit of our savings for fun, as when we own a house, mortgage and all the other things that accompany going full adult, we wouldn't be able to afford anything like this holiday, so screw it. We've earned it!!

So where are we going? (You probably guessed from the photos).... Orlando Florida!!!
We decided to fully splash out why we still can, and tick off something big from the bucket list. Dayle has already been before, when he was about fifteen, but he is still so excited. And me? I'm stupidly excited! I've never travelled this far, been somewhere this hot, this magical, and with this much yummy food. so it ticks all the boxes for me! ... Well apart from the nine hour plane journey, but it's totally worth it. We are apparently staying in quite a basic hotel, but it looks absolutely lovely to me, with a swimming pool, and the sun, I'm easily pleased, as I've never stayed in anything like that before.

We decided to get tickets to everything as we were in that 'screw it' mind frame, and this might be our only chance and it would be rude not to! We are going for two weeks, so hopefully it will be enough time to fit it all in. The things that I am most excited for, is Swimming with dolphins at Discovery Cove, The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter, The Springfield Simpsons area, Universal studios, Walt Disney World, and trying out all of the amazing massive food!

I really cannot wait! We are going in October, so it should't be too hot, but still boiling compared to rainy England! I'm so excited to start planning our days, and what to take. I just can't believe that we are going, it will be our first proper holiday away together, it feels so grown up and exciting!

Have you been to Orlando Florida? do you have any tips or advice to enjoy our time to the full while out there? I'd love to know!

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