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I'm pretty simple when it comes to makeup, or lazy, depending on how you look at it. I've never really worn that much, which is partly because I don't really know what I'm doing, can't be bothered, or I don't want to spend extra money on something that I might not like. Because of this I have stuck to my standard makeup routine very closely throughout the last five-ish years, except changing it up a tiny bit. Lately however I've been feeling a little more adventurous, and have been intrigued by contouring. Like I said, I don't really know what I'm doing, so i didn't know where to start, with so many options. I stumbled across this trio set in B&M for £3 and decided to give it a go!
I love a good makeup set, as I feel like you have more chance of at least liking something, and not completely wasting money.

The Cheeky Trio set includes a really lovely pink blusher, a shimmery highlighter and a light brown contour / bronzer shade. The packaging is really nice and sturdy, which is useful for carrying it around or taking away with you. The bright pink colour is reflective of the blusher shade inside and is really nice to look at. I especially love how much product you get in each little section, meaning that it will last for ages, which is so good for the price!

I've been testing out the set for about a month now, mainly on the weekends and I've decided that I really like it! The colours are very build-able, especially the contour colour, and it blends really nicely. The highlight is a bit hard to see on my skin as I am so pale that I am basically the same colour as it, but it can be seen a little bit when it catches the light, but it's quite subtle. They three shades work well together, and really do help to add a different dimension to the face, and I've enjoyed trying something new!

Have you ever tried any of the W7 makeup range?
I want to try some others out as I liked this one so much, and would be grateful for suggestions!

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