Bargain Crafts #2 : Stamp Pens

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Welcome to the second post in my Bargain Craft series, (first post here). Today's post is all about funky pens, and how you can use them to liven up your journals, and obviously at a bargain price!
Bargain Crafts is all about making, decorating and crafting on a budget without compromise of prettiness, and these adorable stamp pens are a great example.

I've been searching for quick and easy ways for decorating my bullet journal and scrap books, as I don't get too much time to do them. I found these little beauties when walking around a shop in London called Tiger, and got a little bit too excited. The colours and stamp shapes are so cool and I really think they will brighten up my little projects and make them look really fun. And the best bit... they were a £1! Six adorable and reusable stamp pens, for one pound! Yes pleaseeeeee!
I had a little play with them for this post, which you can see in the photos below, and I love them so much. They are so fun and colourful, and it's super quick to just stamp them around a page and it looks so much better so quickly! I'm a little bit sad, as the green flower stamp is already running out, even though I only just opened it, but all the rest work really well, and for a pound I can't really complain!

What do you think of stamp pens?
they are so fun, trust me, you'll love them.

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