Giraffe New Menu // Review

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I've mentioned my love for the restaurant Giraffe a few times, and I don't plan on stopping any time soon... It's just perfect for me! I hadn't been in a while and had hear they have a new menu, and really wanted to try it out. So when me and Dayle took a trip up London last weekend, I persuaded him (he had no choice) that we should eat at Giraffe.

I'm gonna be honest, the main reason I wanted to go was because I heard they now do churros on their pudding menu, and I am allllll about stuffing my face with churros! So I was excited to try them out, but first was the starters and the mains. You might not know this about me, but I am quite a fussy and picky eater, I find it quite hard to commit to on main meal when it come to eating in restaurants because I always feel like I'm missing out. Which means I end up being a weirdo and just buying a selection of starters instead! Does anyone else do that?

So Dayle was normal and chose a burger with chips, where as I went with an appetiser; meatballs with wraps, onion wrings and sharing bread dipping board (Which I forgot to photograph, oops.)
It was all so so tasty! It was a perfect mix of different foods and flavours (see why I don't commit) and I was so full up and food happy afterwards haha. 

Then It was on to pudding... and I obviously went for the churros, because I had been dreaming about them all week! Dayle chose some mango and orange sorbet, which was also delicious. But the churrossss, blimey they were tasty. I'm not a fan of dark chocolate, so didn't eat the dipping sauce that came with them, but they were absolutely covered in cinnamon, so they still tasted amazing. 

It was a really lovely meal out. We sat out on the balcony bit, with a nice view of the shopping centre below and it was nice and quiet. The staff were lovely and patient when I couldn't choose and I had a really nice time just chilling together eating good food :)

The only thing that was a bit of a shame, was that with the new menu change, they no longer have my favourite starter, which was a different bread sharing board, which I talked about in this post from last year. But saying that, the food from the new menu is just as good, and the churros were so good, so I wasn't too bothered.
I would really recommend trying out their new menu if you haven't yet, I think you'll love it just as much as we did!

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