Long Skirt And Cut-Out

by - 16:36

I've been slowly collecting items from the Primark sales over the last couple of months, with my Orlando holiday in mind, and I thought I would put two of the pieces together to create an outfit and show you. It's been quite warm and sunny lately in England (although it is raining right now...) which has made dressing a bit difficult to adjust to. This little ensemble makes me feel less exposed, with the long skirt, and the little sleeves, yet the skirt fabric is so flowing and light, and the cut outs of the shoulders and cropped length still make the outfit look and feel quite summery.

I admit that the skirt is a bit strange for me to wear, as I'm not quite used to long skirts, but i actually really enjoyed wearing it, it made me feel like some Egyptian queen or something... just me?
I really love this top! I've been enjoying the off shoulder / bare shoulders trend a lot lately anyway, but this top especially is a favourite. I really love the yellow colour and subtle stripes. It adds a lot to an otherwise simple outfit, and I'm always in need of some colour in my wardrobe!

What do you think of the outfit?

I've bought a few other things from Primark, so will be doing a little haul on the blog sometime this month, so keep an eye out for that!

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