Mini Lush Haul

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At the weekend I went to Westfield shopping centre in London to buy some jeans that I really want, and after ages searching for them and not finding them, I gave up and decided to treat myself to some Lush goodies instead! A little bit of retail therapy is always good!
I mainly like the bath bombs in Lush, because that is all I've tried before, so I wanted to get some more that I hadn't already tried, and maybe try something completely different. So here is what I bought!

Intergalactic :

I chose Intergalactic because I absolutely love the colours and how it looks, it is super dreamy and has popping candy inside (oh myyyy!) I can't wait to see what the colours will look like in the water. I'm hoping that it won't be too blue, as the bulk of the bath bomb colouring is blue, I want some of those beautiful yellows and pinks swirling round my bath too! It is described as "an awesome mix of refreshing peppermint and neon colour, with popping candy to take you on a trip around the milky way" which sounds amazing, I think this might be the first one that I try out!

The Experimenter :

Look at this beauty, it is just so damn cool! The colours, the shape, the smell! I was drawn to this one as it looked a little bit different, bath bombs are usually always round, and the geometric lines and shapes of the Experimenter just looks awesome in your bathroom, waiting to be used! I just looked at the website, and it turns out that this one has popping candy too.... I guess I'm gonna be having some exciting baths! "If you're looking for adventure.. you'll find it in The Experimenter, starring vibrant colour, popping candy and fair trade vanilla."

Ickle Baby Bot :

How adorable is he?! This bath bomb is actually meant for children or sensitive skin, but I couldn't resist it's little face. It can't do any harm can it?! I love these kind of products from Lush, they are just so fun and cute for your bathroom.
"A gentle lavender bath bomb to relax children before bedtime, designed to look after young children's delicate skin, and help skin irritations, sunburn and insect bites."
I'm not a child, have skin irritations or sunburn, but I've heard this is very relaxing, so I'm excited to try it out... if a little bit sad to melt him.

Granny Takes A Dip :

This is where I went a bit experimental, and decided to venture away from my bath bomb obsession and try out a bubble bar. I wanted one that would make to water colourful and I thought that this would probably do the trick! I've never tried a bubble bar before, so I'm hoping that I like it!
"This ginger, pepper and lemon-scented bubble bar turns your water psychedelic and puts some colour in your life."

What do you think of my choices? I think you can tell like I like having colourful baths!
I'm so excited to try them, Let me know if you have tried and liked these products. 

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