Monthly Recap // June 2016

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Well June was a bloody busy month! There seemed to be everything happening every weekend, and as lovely as that is, it made it hard to plan other things, meaning some things have had to be pushed back. But despite this, I have really really enjoyed this month!

At the beginning of the month, me and Dayle finally figured out what we wanted to do about our holiday this year, after talking about it for ages. So we booked a two week stay in Orlando Florida, and I am so so excited! I did a whole post on it, so read more about it here to find out our plans. I feel like this put me on a high for the whole month, as I just keep getting excited to myself haha.

I voted! As I would like to hope most of you did too, because It was an important thing to vote for. It doesn't really matter anymore but if you are wondering, I voted to remain, for many reasons really. So finding out that the final result was to leave was pretty devastating, and it put me in a pretty bad mood for that whole day! It's just unnecessary stress and worry for mine and Dayle's future, and I really hate all of the uncertainty and guesses with our lives.... but lets not get into that too much!

I went to the beach!! :D
I absolutely love the seaside, it's one of my favourite things ever, and this month we went to Southend for my friends birthday. We ate chips, sat on the beach and chilled. It wasn't the most sunny of days, but I really do love the atmosphere and obviously the food. The food is always the best.

I don't get to see my friend Beki very often, so we had a little movie and snacks catch up one evening this month and it was really lovely! We talked about loads of stuff, moaned about work and ate yummy food while watching a horror film and played some Mario Kart. Pretty damn perfect girls night if you ask me! :D

Last weekend was the wedding of some friends, and it was so so adorable. The venue and decorations were beautiful and I can't help get soppy at a wedding! It was so fun to act stupid, have a drink and throw some crazy dance moves on the dance floor to the old classic songs the DJ was playing. I really enjoyed myself and am so glad for the happy couple!

I also had a nice meal with family that I don't get to see that often including my Nan and Grandad, which was really nice, but I forgot to take any photos. It's always nice to chill and have a little get together though, we need to do it more often. I need to go and visit them soon, because I miss spending more than one evening with them.

So that's a few of the things I got up to in June, how was your month?

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