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I've been a bit of a nerd for a longggg time, and I love to subtly show this in my room, which obviously means that I love Funko Pops! They are collectable vinyl figurines from popular shows, films or games and each one is in the style of a different character, and they are bloody adorable! My friends and family are a little bit obsessed with them, with us all having some and slowly getting a little collection up. I probably have the least out of all of us, with only eight Pops. But I've decided that I only want to collect my main favourites from the shows and films that I watch, so they are more special.... plus I don't have the room for too many!


First up in my collection, is my three Pops from The Walking Dead TV show. If you don't watch TWD then you are seriously missing out, unless you don't like zombies or gore... then maybe stay away aha. I absolutely love the show though, and have been watching it from the beginning and geeeezeee am I attached to some of the characters! My favourites in the show are Daryl and Glen, which is why I have them as Pops! They were the first two Pops that I got about two years ago, and I still love the characters and their Pops. I'm kind of worried for their safety in the next series (If your'e a fan you will know why) and I will treasure their figurine even more if anything happens to them in the show! I also have a zombie Penny Pop, which is adorable. She's not one of my favourites because she wasn't in the show too much, but she looks really cool in my room along side the others and she's the only girl Pop that I have, so she's bringing that diversity!

Time Travellers:

I love time travellers. I just do, especially when it comes to Back To The Future and Doctor Who. I've been a fan of the BTTF films for as long as I can remember. I used to watch it every time it came on TV as a kid, and that was a lot! I've watched the films so many times, and they always put me in the best mood. Obviously the main characters are Marty and Doc, and I couldn't help but want them in Funko Pop form sitting in my room looking adorable. They sit on top of a scaled down DeLorean, as if they are waiting for the right time to hit 88mph and I freaking love itttt!
I'm also a massive Doctor Who fan. I say this with a little bit of shame, as I have't seen most of the new ones, but I just couldn't get into them. despite that, I was obsessed with it a few years back, and have seen every episode of the 9th - 11th Doctor so so many times, and I still watch them when I get the time now. My favourite Doctor will always be number 10, David Tennant just played it so well, and for such a long time that you couldn't help but love him and see him as the Doctor. He sits on a shelf in my room in front of a TARDIS mug, with a Dalek on either side of him, ready to take on the world.... See, I told you I was a nerd!


My last two Pops can't be put into a category, unless it was one called 'Awesome characters' Which to be fair they could all fit in to. First up is Tyrion Lannister from the Game Of Thrones Series. He is a lot of peoples favourite from the show, and I couldn't help but love him too. He's a little funny drunk badass and I really hope he makes it to the end of all the drama in the show. I have the battle armour version, with his cool scar, Lannister armour and axe. I feel like this version is a bit more Tyrion looking than the others, as his face is quite simple, but the armour and scar makes it more obvious who it is. 

I am Groot!! Just look at him. Seriously, he is adorable! There is quite a lot of Funko Pop versions of Groot as he was a very popular character from Guardians Of The Galaxy, despite only saying four words throughout the whole film. I couldn't resist the adorable dancing version of Groot from the film credits. His head is on a spring, so it actually wobbles and dances... adorable! Every now and then I will poke his head as I walk past and enjoy his moves, because why not!

What do you think of my collection?
I'd love to see or hear about your collections, it is so interesting to see how different peoples choices are and how big a collection can be!
I might do a little Funko Pop wish list on my blog soon, so keep an eye out for that :)

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