Hair Transition - Natural to Blonde

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For about a year now I've really wanted to bleach my hair a much lighter colour, white actually. I always kept on putting it off, with excuses of it costing too much, not suiting me or ruining my hair, but I eventually got tired of being a wimp and thought screw it, aha. So I took the plunge and just went for it. I asked the hairdresser to get it exactly like the picture below, cut, colour and everything. 

It took quite a lot of work, with an all over bleaching, which took a while and kind of stung a bit. Then there was an all over toner to take away the yellow / orange colour (which panicked me a bit I'll be honest). It took hours, and It got to about 9 o clock at night and my hair still wasn't as white as the picture, but more of a white blonde instead. She offered another round of bleach, but my head was a bit sore and I was tired so I decided that it was close enough!
Turns out I had very minor burns on my head, so it's probably good I didn't go for that second bleaching!
You can see the process and change in my hair bellow, from my grown out roots, almost ombre hair that I had before, to the mid bleached Malfoy look, and my blonde/white hair now!

I'm pretty happy with how it came out, It's not exactly how I wanted it, but It's pretty close. I've got some purple toning shampoo, and I'm hoping if I use that I can slowly get closer to the white colour that I wanted.

What do you think? I'm still getting used to it a bit, but I really like it!
I'm going to leave it a while to enjoy the light colour, and then I thinking of trying out different cool pastel colours over the top, which is exciting!

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