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I love a good comfy flat shoe, especially on a night out. Who needs a high heel when you can be comfortable? But sometimes a situation calls for a higher shoe, such as a wedding or a party, and I always regret opting for the heels. I'm a tomboy at heart, and I just want to dance around in flats and trainers my whole life.

I recently discovered the answer to my problem, in a lovely online shoe shop by the name of Rollasole. Not only are their shoes adorable, they are so practical too! The shoes at Rollasole are designed to be ready and waiting to roll open when you most need a break from those uncomfortable shoes and sore feet, by being perfectly rolled up in your handbag whenever you may need them. The shoes come with a little waterproof bag that folds and wraps around the shoes with velcro, so they are kept together, tidy and small inside your bag, but when unwrapped it's also a handy little place to keep your heels in the swap for comfort, so you don't loose or forget them after dancing the night away.

I chose the style Rock & Rollasole, with black base and golden studs, which is perfect for adding a little grunge edge to a simple summer outfit. I'm a size UK 7, and went with a Large, and they fit great. The way that the sole is designed to fold up inside itself to be small, also means that the shoe folds towards your foot, meaning that it stays on better while you are up to no good! They are really comfortable, and are durable enough to even be worn as an every day shoe, which is great for someone like me who doesn't go out thattt much.

Rollasole has so many different styles of shoe, not just these lovely punky numbers, I'm sure you could find some that are perfect for you!

I keep day dreaming about their red and white spotty pair, which are adorably named 'Strawberries & Cream', to wear when I go to Orlando Disney, so I can channel my inner Minnie Mouse! They would be just perfect!

Which pair have you got your eye on?

Shoes were gifted to me, but all opinions and views are my own.

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