Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation // Review

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I've said it before, and I will say it again; Pale skin is a pain in the butt. I've posted about trying to find the right colour base for my face a couple of times before, here and here and even though I did like them at the time, I eventually found flaws in them and changed my mind. So the search started all over again. I first heard about Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in a Youtube video, and the words "It's really good for pale skin" caught my attention, so I put my researching hat on. Once I had read a few reviews and decided the £10 price tag would be worth it, I popped over to my local shop after work and bought myself a bottle in the shade Light Vanilla. (After about ten minutes of testing it on my hand and debating its colour of course). 

Once I had got it home, I tested it out and was actually really really surprised. My previous foundations had been quite bulky and thick, which didn't work with my dry skin, yet Healthy Mix Foundation has a very liquid-like formula, that brushed really nicely onto my skin. Because of the liquid consistency, the coverage was quite light and natural, which is exactly what I want from a base, yet if you prefer a higher coverage, It is also quite build-able.
And the best thing? IT'S PALE ENOUGH!! *dances*. Yes, it did it. It ticked all of the boxes! The colour perfectly matches my skin and you can't really tell I'm wearing any. The perfect natural make up! (for me anyway).
The only thing that is a little bit off for my opinion, is that it gives quite a dewy finish, which some people love. Personally I have always used matte foundation, so am used to this, but a little bit of translucent powder, and you are set (get it...) for the day!

I actually think I have done it. I have found the foundation, yippee!
Hopefully I won't change my mind this time!

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