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A cute little shop by the name of Coconut Lane recently got in touch with me and asked if I wanted to be a coconut queen, and I am allllll up for adorable titles like that, so of course I wanted to!
I had a look around the online shop and fell in love with so many pieces, they have a wide range of prints, sunglasses, jewellery, stationary, socks, pillows and more. The whole feel of the shop is just great, especially if you are a blogger! It is 100% girly and 200% sassy and I love it, So I decided to buy some pieces for myself and my room.

- Prints - 

I knew when looking around the site that I definitely wanted to buy one of their word art prints, with the awesome and sassy quotes on them, as I think they will really add something to my room and future house. I ended up getting two, because I couldn't decide, and at only £6 each, I couldn't say no! I loved the 'Messy bun. Get stuff done' print, because we all know how true that is! But then I saw the classic Mean Girls 'You go Glen coco' print and couldn't resist, Mean Girls is life. I can't wait to put these in some lovely frames and place them around my room!

- Glasses -

I also decided to treat myself to a pair of Coconut Lane's sun glasses, and chose this lovely pair from their range, as I need more marble in my life! I've been meaning to buy some more sunglasses for my trip to America in October, and thought that these would be perfect. They are maybe a little bit big for my face, but I actually really like this, as they will keep out more sun and protect my eyes. The marble detailing is just beautiful, and I really love the pink protector bag that came with them.
This pair is no longer in stock at the moment, but they have a few other little beauties in the glasses section.

If you like what you see then go have a look at their site and see if you like anything. The lovely people over at Coconut Lane kindly gave me a discount code for you all to use if you do want to purchase anything, which will give you 20% off! 
Use the code:  sammileanne20  and enjoy sassing up your bedroom and life with Coconut Lane.

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