Re-Intro Youtube // Sammi Leanne

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For Ages now, I have wanted to start making Youtube Videos again, but I've always put it off, as I thought I wouldn't be able to find the time to give the video 100% attention and the best that I could. But I realised that I was putting wayyyy too much pressure on myself, and I should just go for it!
I'm mainly making these for me, so if they aren't that great then I guess it doesn't matter too much. I want the memories, and the videos to look back on, so a bad video is better than no videos right?

The plan is to try and make one video a week, to go up on Thursdays. This may change to every two weeks, but we shall see. I want to make videos that are about my life, as well as fashion related. So expect monthly roundup / montage videos, hauls, DIY's and some chatty videos about my life.

I hope you like them!

So here is the first video; a short little re-introduction to myself.

And even if no one cares, I'll have them to re-watch in the future, for myself! :)

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