Twenty Fifth Birthday Outings

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Two weeks ago it was my Twenty-fifth birthday (yeah I'm a bit late to post this, oops). So me and Dayle spent the day wandering around London, enjoying the half summer-like weather and having a day off.

As it was my birthday and my choice, I decided to visit Tate Modern like my old Art degree days, and seeing as Dayle had never been before, it would be something new for him too. Turns out Tate Modern is double the size since I last went, so it took a lot longer than we thought to wander around, and we were pretty tired by the end of it haha. It was so nice to see some art work again, and relight that little fire that has been a bit singed and quiet lately, and I think Dayle quite enjoyed himself, despite not liking some pieces.

Afterwards we went for a wander around Holland park. Admittedly, mainly to play Pokemon Go... but it was such a beautiful park! Neither of us had been before, and it was so nice and tranquil and hidden in the hectic life of London. 
We later went for some dinner in Hard Rock Cafe, which was yummy, and then we had a nice slow (and stuffed) walk back to the train and back home. 

I got a little bit too excited to have my DSLR out again, and got really snap happy of everything around me, and forgot to take any pictures of me and Dayle, which is a shame, but we had such a lovely day that these pictures will spark enough nice memories anyway.
I really need to find a balance when I have a camera, but I'm working on it!

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