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I love clothes, this is an obvious thing if you know me, or if you follow this blog. So when clothing website Zaful contacted me asking if I wanted to try and review some of their clothes I was obviously stupidly excited! Earlier in the week I posted my little wishlist of the items that I liked from Zaful, and now I am reviewing the two items from that wishlist that I chose.

As I mentioned in the wishlist post, I absolutely love embroidered clothes at the moment, and can't get enough of the trend, yet I haven't actually got my hands on any yet, just kind of admired from afar. I couldn't resist choosing these little beauties. The embroidery is beautiful and the shorts are perfect for my holiday next month; comfy, not too short and high waisted! I can't wait to wear them wandering around in America, and feeling fancy.

The second item that I went with was this adorable pastel pink corduroy button front skirt. I chose this from the wishlist as it is the most different to anything that I own in my wardrobe. It's always nice to try and branch away from your signature style, and it worked well this time, as I absolutely love it! The material is so soft, and it fits like a dream, with a nice little bit of stretch for potential food babies. The buttons add a really nice detailing to the skirt and a contrast to the pastel pink shade, which stops it looking too girly. This would look equally nice done up with a lace top and some nice pumps, as well as worn with a band tee and converse. Perfect!

What do you think? Which is your favourite?

I love them both!

Skirt / Shorts

Be sure to check out all the other clothes on Zaful. They have such a range of different styles and on trend items, and they are such an affordable price!
If you are buying from the UK, make sure you check the sizes as I got a large for both these Items, as the sizing is all different, so just be careful and double check the size guide before your purchase, to make sure the lovely items fit properly :)

They also have this really cool promotion going on at the moment, where you can catch Pokemon around the website and collect discount codes, each Pokemon is a different amount, the rarer the Pokemon, the better the discount! Which is such a fun and cool idea!

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