Monthly Snippet Videos - An Update

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If you were a regular reader of my blog wayyyy back in September (before I stopped posting for ages) then you might have remembered a post about my first monthly recap video; August. It wasn't that big or exciting a post, but I really liked the style of video, and said about how I was going to do one every month from then on. To my surprise, I actually have managed to keep that up! I haven't however managed to share it on this blog at all... oopsyyyy, so I thought before I get into regular current posting on this blog, I would update you with what you have missed from my 'Montly Snippets' series up til now.

So if you are interested, below is September, through to January!
They are all in a montage kind of style, with chilled music in the background, apart from January where I am trying out a more diary/talking style approach to this series.
Let me know which one style you like the most, and if you want to, you can subscribe to my Youtube Channel to see the upcoming months in this series!

You can also view the whole playlist of this series here!
I hope you enjoy the videos!

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