Orlando Holiday Recap

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We went on holiday!

I may be four months late, but I still really wanted to write a post about mine and Dayles Orlando holiday, to show you all what we got up to and to have a nice little place to look at my favourite photos from that time. It really was the best holiday I've ever been on (despite the long flight) and not just because it was the most expensive haha. It my our first proper holiday as a couple and I miss it everyday. Keep reading if you want to see what we got up to, and what were my favourite parts of our two weeks in Orlando.

The food

Oh my god guys.. the food. I actually miss it so, so much. Me and Dayle couldn't even cope with how big the portion sizes were, and were basically stuffed for the entire two weeks. No regrets! If you know me and my eating habits you will know that I am a lover of a good old fashioned buffet, and there is barely any left in the UK because of hygiene laws (boooo) but America didn't give a crap and I loved it haha. We pretty much got a buffet either for lunch or dinner everyday and it was fab.
The best that we found was, the both of us eating an unlimited italian buffet, including a massive refillable drink and pudding, for thirteen dollars... for the both of us, not even each!. I lost it and ate so many carbs that night, it was greatttt!

My favourite place of the whole holiday

My childhood was the Simpsons. Six o'clock every weekday, channel four I was on it and loving life. I've probably seen every episode from the earlier series' about ten times, and I can quote so many lines from them...and I still do slip a fave quote in conversation all the time!
So the main thing on my agenda when visiting Orlando, which we ended up doing on our first day (my choice obvs) was visit Universal and find the Simpsons village. I kid you not, I was so blooming happy hahaha, We wandered around Springfield so excited, we visited Moe's and Dayle had a Duff beer, while I drank a squishee (white cherry! yumm) We ate at Cleetus' chicken shack and took photos in front of everything, and of course we visited the Kwikimart and bought some goodies!
It was something that I had wanted to do for so long, and I'm super happy that I now have! Young Sammi would be so proud of me!

Universal was a babe.

In general Universal was my favourite thing about our holiday. Everything else was obviously amazing too but there was just something so much more exciting about Universal, with the film sets, themed restaurants and rides. I just absolutely loved it. Being able to go into Ollivanders, Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, and experience the Gringotts Bank ride and ride on the Hogwarts Express was amazing. Dayle lost his shit in Jurassic Park and had such a good time. The shops were amazing, and the choice in food was ridiculous!

Disney was magical

I'll be honest, Disney was less exciting than I though it would be. Obviously it was still stupidly magical, and I loved seeing the castle in real life, and getting a picture in front of it. But I think I might be a bit of a scrooge for the prices and how bloody busy it was! I mainly aim this at the Magic Kingdom park, because it was so so much more cramped than the others, it wasn't because it was smaller, it just seemed to have all of the children in! Obviously its a kids park, but it was mental. We could barely move and all of the restaurants were filled to bursting. The other parks weren't as bad, and I absolutely loved Animal Kingdom, and Epcot was so interesting and I had the best Chinese food I may have ever tasted! I got very excited in the shops, and wanted to buy so so many badge pins and plush toys, but controlled myself... at least a little bit! 

A dream of mine came true

While we were booking the holiday, we decided to go all out and spend a day at Discovery Cove and swim with dolphins. This might not be that big a deal to some people, but this has been on my bucket list from when I was a very small child! I've just always loved dolphins, and I was not disappointed! We swam with two different dolphins, and they were both so beautiful and friendly and I could have cried I was so happy haha. Discovery Cove is a whole day package, which included all of your food and drink (which tasted amazing!) and there was a massive rock pool where you could swim with fish and sting rays, and it was beautiful. I completely embarrassed myself... because I've never snorkelled before and I'm not the best swimmer, which meant I repeatedly nearly drowned for the first half hour hahaha, but i enjoyed it anyway and got the hang of it in the end! It's an experience I will never forget. 

Montage for the memories!

Like I said in my previous post, I've been a bit bad with writing on this blog (hence why this one is four months too late) but I have been a lot better at making videos! Below is the montage video I made from our holiday, and you can see more of what we got up to! 

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