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My bedroom, my own little space.

Everyone loves their own room right? It is full of all your favourite things, laid out mostly how you want it to be, and it represents yourself. I definitely feel more calm and at home when I'm in my bedroom, and I really like how it looks. The colour scheme is quite simple and relaxing, yet it is filled with a mixture of fake flowers, crafty things, nerdy items, and lots and lots of photographs. It is basically filled with memories, which is exactly how I like it. 

But for how long?

I've had this room now, for about seventeen years. I shared it with my sister for the first six or seven, and since then it has been mine. I love this space, and I love coming home and seeing all of my things everywhere and knowing I have a little place to call my own (even if there is usually always someone else in it) Hopefully this will finally be the year that me and Dayle will be able to buy our own house, and fend for ourselves in the big wide world, and as excited I am for that, it's also really daunting.  It's weird to think that one day soon this won't be my room, with my things dotted around, and it won't look or feel the same to me. Yes it will still be my parents house, and everything else will mostly be the same, but my room will either become my parents' room, or my brothers. I know it makes sense, and that's how life works, but I think I'm going to find it pretty sad, leaving my room behind.

Document Everything

You probably know by now that I like to document everything. I have scrap books everywhere, I film and take photographs everyday, and I have this blog and my Youtube channel, all for the memories! And just like I always do with everything, I wanted to document my room. Having a way to look back on what it once looked like before it was no longer mine is a really nice idea to me, so I decided to make a bedroom tour over on my Youtube channel, for both you to have a look at, and be nosey, and for me to preserve the memories of my teenage / young adult bedroom.  

So if you are curious, please watch the video below and see the bedroom that I have called home for many years, and maybe learn more about the things that I like!

(Ironically my bedroom totally doesn't look like this right now, because the boiler broke meaning we had to make a hole in the wall to get to it.... and then it fixed itself... so now there is just a whole in the airing cupboard wall next to my bed 👌. And it's also such a mess haha. Good job I filmed this before that aye?! )

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