Where have I been? // Hello Again!

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It's been a while hasn't it? 

About four months if you want to get technical... oops. 
I though it was about time that I updated this blog and any of you followers and tell you what I've been up to and why I've been away for so long, And to also give you a little apology.

I went away on holiday

If you don't follow me on Instagram, then you probably missed that in October me and my boyfriend went away for two weeks to Orlando, and had the best time! This was the start of my downfall over on this blog, because I didn't manage to get posts scheduled for the two weeks I was away, which was already quite a bit of silence, but when we got back the jet lag hit me so hard and I had no energy to even think about what to write, let alone actually sit down and construct a blog post.

Holiday blues

Once I had gotten over the jet lag, I kind of had a mini break down about how I felt nothing I made or did here in England could compete with the photo's and footage that I had taken when in America, and I started to heavily miss spending all my time with Dayle, eating amazing food and the lovely warm weather and food. I was just completely uninspired with where I was and being back home. 


I did however manage to make some videos over on my Youtube channel about our Orlando holiday, as I was stuck in the stage of reminiscing and longing to be back there, that creating videos out of the memories made me feel a bit better at the time, even if it maybe was making me compare even more how much reality sucked in comparison. I promised my self that I would share those videos over here on my blog, and even do a massive round up of our holiday in pictures, but for some reason I kept on putting it off and off, and maybe it's too late now to do a post on a holiday that happened four months ago? .... probably is.... but I am going to do it anyway.... sorry not sorry!

New found love

As I said above, I started to put my time more into making videos to upload to my Youtube channel rather than posts here on this blog of mine, and I started to fall in love with it. It felt like more of a challenge and I enjoyed creating this kind of content. I've been an avid Youtube viewer for about seven years now and I really wanted to see (again, I failed last time) if I could maintain a channel, create regular content and see where it would take me, and it was all new and exciting and I was really enjoying myself, and still am. I'm currently trying to post a video every Thursday and I've started to get into a nice little rhythm with it, so I thought it was about time that I paid a little attention to my blog, as I really miss updating it.

So what now?

Well  I've written this post now, so there is no going back!
I'm going to try and get back into the swing of blogging again starting with updating you with our Orlando holiday, and I'm going to try to look back on it all fondly and with a smile, rather than resentment that it happened so quickly and has been over for months now. (I still sound a bit bitter don't I haha)
Then I will update you on the two series that I have going on over on my Youtube channel that you might have no idea about... because I never told you... oops (again)
And from there, I am going to try and start up regularly posting once a week on here, I'm thinking a Tuesday? and creating content that I am proud about, whilst having my blog as a little place for my memories and my life. 


So there it is, a little story and explanation into why I haven't blogged for four months. I am pretty excited to start creating and posting over on this blog again, and I really hope you will watch me figure it out and enjoy the posts I have to come!

If you are interested, I would love if you could watch or subscribe to my Youtube channel and see how I am figuring that out too!

Thank you so much for sticking around if you have done, and having a bit of faith in me!

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