16 Highlights Of 2016 + Video

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Can you tell that I'm still trying to catch up on blog post ideas after my massive hiatus? Because this post is just a little bit late! But this blog is for myself as well as anyone else who reads it, and I want to reminisce about last year and be all nostalgic, so you're just going to have to deal with it! So here are my top 16 highlights of 2016, lets go!

1. My sister is having a baby!

literally the best news of 2016 all together! :D Obviously I love my sister, and I am so so excited for her to have a little version of herself running around, and I can't wait to have a cute new member of the family! My sister has wanted this for such a long time, and she is going to make the best mum, and hopefully I can be a pretty good Auntie too!

 2. My best friend had a baby! 

Similarly, but earlier on in the year, my best friend Rachel had her first little baby, and little Elliot has been growing into an adorable little kid and making me laugh throughout 2016. He makes me so happy every time I go and visit them and I am so proud of Rachel, and can't wait to see him grow even more :D

 3.  First proper holiday to Orlando

In October we decided to be a bit careless, and say screw it to our savings, as we had worked so hard and go on the trip of a lifetime to Orlando, and it was our first proper holiday away together, with no other adults or family involved and it was amazing. We did everything ourselves, and saw and experienced such amazing things, and it really was one of the best two weeks of the whole year for me. I want to do it all again! haha.

4. Making Videos Again

I decided to attempt to start up my Youtube channel again last year, and make more videos around about August, and I am so happy that I did. It really makes me feel more creative, which I struggle to do these days, and I love it so much. Being able to have videos to look back on makes me so happy!

 5. Harry Potter Studios Tour

My 2015 Christmas present from Dayle was tickets to the Harry Potter studios, which we went to wayyyy back in the early days of January 2016. I really enjoyed the day we had, as I love a little couples adventure and obviously I love Harry Potter! I had wanted to do it for a long time, and it did not dissapoint! (Thanks Dayle!)

 6. I figured out what I want to do with my future

Well, kind of. I guess you could say I have more of an idea of what I don't want to do? I've realised that what I actually want to do with my life is kind of unrealistic, or will at least take a long time (be my own boss/work from home/something creative) and I need to stop settling for the job I currently have, hoping that one day soon is going to be the day that I can jump straight to my dream job. It doesn't and isn't going to work like that. I need to find a job that I like and enjoy and makes me feel like I'm achieving something, even if it isn't my dream job, otherwise I'm going to wake up one day in the future and realise I've spent wayyyy to much of my life sitting in an office doing data entry and hoping it will all fall into place soon. Screw that!

 7. Regularly seeing friends

Inconveniently my friends seemed to move away, life got busy, and money got tight all at the same time in 2015, which left us struggling a bit to figure out when to see each other, and I'm glad to say that our efforts to see each other more in 2016 worked pretty well! Obviously I would have liked to see them more, and for them to be closer, and us all to see each other everyday like old uni times again, but we met up and traveled to see each other quite a bit, and I hope to do this even more this year :D

8. I tried new things

I'm a bit of a wimp at the best of times, and am terrible at making decisions, and after having my dad telling me my whole upbringing that everything can be dangerous and could kill me (not even kidding, bless him haha) I've become a bit paranoid and wary of new things. But 2016 marked the year that I did some exciting new things and loved them!
I snorkeled, rode a long flight, went away on my own (with Dayle), took control of my money, fell in love with Chinese food, experimented with my hair, collaborated with some brands, booked and went to the dentist for the first time in eight years (yep... I'm terrified) and probably more that I can't think of. Yay me!

9. I achieved most of my goals

I like to write things down, and set goals, and I set myself a bunch of goals half way through 2016 when I started my Bullet Journal (more on that below!) and I'm happy to say that I achieved over half, and nearly even two thirds of them! and have carried them over into 2017 and am still working on the ones that I didn't achieve. So I might have completely avoided some of them, and I was terrible at blogging, which was one of the goals, but I still didn't do too shabby, and I'll take that!

 10. Weddings!

I went to two lovely weddings in 2016, they were quite different, but were both beautiful! I've only ever been to one or two weddings in my life, and me and Dayle are getting to that age where all our friends are getting married and I love it! Weddings give me such a buzz and make me all happy inside haha, and I'm hoping that there will be more to attend in 2017 so I can get all soppy and eat yummy food again!

11. I Dyed my hair white!

I said I had been wanting to do it for years, and I kept on putting it off (I'm a wimp, remember) and I finally thought screw it and went for the plunge. it didn't turn out exactly how I wanted, but I still loved it, and felt all fancy and new! I did say that I was going to dye the white a pastel pink too... and never did that though, but again I've carried it over to 2017! There's still timeeee!

 12. On target for savings

I've become a bit obsessed with saving money and buying our own house, and I had a little plan of what I would save each month, and how much I would save by the end of the year, and I stuck to it, and am so proud of myself! The old Sammi who spent all her money on clothes and Nandos wouldn't even recognise me!

 13. I went on the London Eye

I'm a little bit scared of heights, but not even that much to excuse going on the London Eye, but for some reason I had always wanted to go on it, but just never did. But in February, we had a family trip to London, and we decided to go on it! Yes I was a bit scared, but the view was amazing, and it was really fun! So that is one off the bucket list!

 14. Bullet Journal

I said in one of the points above that I started a bullet journal half way through the year, and i can't even explain it, but one simple note book has changed me so much haha. I knew I was forgetting to do things, and always being lazy when I got home from work, and I liked the idea of the Bullet Journal system so I gave it a go. Admittedly it got more and more simple and boring to look at as the year went on, but it definitely motivated me more and I owe that litte book a lot!

 15. I tried my best!

I didn't do everything that I wanted to do in 2016, I didn't completely figure out my life and get everything sorted, and I still have little life crisis' once a month, but I know I tried my best and I guess that's all you can do? I learnt new things and I'm moving forward.

 16. I laughed and loved a lotttt
(get ready for the soppy bit)

To me, the most precious and important thing in life really is to simply be happy. I don't want or need a lot, and I don't expect it. I just want family, friends and Dayle, and to laugh as much as I can and be a bit of a twat for fun. Even though 2016 brought a lot of sadness and stress for a lot of people, I know that it was still a very good year, where nothing too bad happened to me personally or to the people I love, and I laughed everyday. And that's all I need from a year.


I made a little compilation video of my 2016, for the memories, have a watch if you want to :)

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