2017 Second Hand & Under £10 Challenge // + Haul

by - 02:04

I recently mentioned that I had restarted up my Youtube Channel, and I really want to start some new series to keep going, something that I can keep alive and keep me motivated to make videos. So I decided to give myself a challenge for the year, and share it with you through video! So welcome to my 'Under £10, second hand challenge' I explain in more depth in the videos, but basically, I've set myself the goal that everything that I buy in 2017 will be under (or as close to) £10 and I will buy as much of it second hand. I've set myself the limit of only spending £25 every two months, and I am going to share my bargains and finds with you in a bi-monthly video haul!

Bellow are the first two videos in this series. The first explaining the new series, and all of my reasoning behind this challenge, and the second is a haul of my top 10 fave second hand finds that I already have in my wardrobe!

Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel if you want to see more videos in his series, and relating to second hand shopping, and to be nosey at all the bargains I find in my upcoming hauls!

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