The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying
6th April 2017

by - 17:08

I know I am ridiculously late to this, and I know everyone has already said all there probably is to say about it, but I'm gonna say it anyway! Marie Kondo is a genius and I loved this book so much. It may sound a bit stupid to say that a book can change your life, but seriously guys, it actually has. I didn't think it would, and was just interested to see what the fuss was about, and was hoping I would maybe get a few tips of how to tidy my room a bit better, but nope... I have a whole new outlook on what cleaning can mean. 

Obviously the book is about tidying, right? Yeah, but I would say it is more about your mental state and thoughts toward how much stuff you own, and why. She constantly refers to whether the things you own 'bring you joy' or not, and if they don't then why would you keep them? It sounds like such a simple and obvious thing once you have read it, but I have never (and I bet a lot of other people haven't either) thought about it like that! And once I had started to think in this way I began to discard and de-clutter my whole room, and damnnnn did it feel good!
I've probably gotten rid of about ten bags of stuff, mainly random bits of paper / sketch books and note pads from school, college, uni and other random things. I've discarded about a third of my wardrobe, because I didn't like it, and only previously kept it for what-if's and lazy reasons, and I honestly don't miss any of the stuff that I got rid of, and I don't remember half of it!
I was going through each part of my room, thinking 'why do I even still have this?!' and it really is amazing how much more space you can create when you actually get rid of the things you don't want or need.

I now have a mostly organised room, where I know where everything is, and I can see and grab them really quickly whenever I want to. I have organised the space so much better, with one wardrobe being my 'moving out wardrobe' (I have a lot of stuff haha, I'm keeeeen) and the other just having all my clothes in, instead of everything all being mixed. I'm slowly working my way through a bunch of things that I have been meaning to Ebay for years, and I'm just getting my life together, and I'm really enjoying it. It's all about changing the way you look at the space, and realising that just because you have always had a certain thing in one drawer, doesn't mean that it is the best place for it, or that you even need to keep it at all.

There were a few things in the book that were a bit too far for me, (folding you socks being one) but most of it really has stuck and I've adopted her folding technique throughout my whole room, and even my mums and boyfriends room haha, because they were both intrigued too! Yes it takes a bit of time to begin with, but as long as you continue to put stuff away in this style, you will never have to tidy or search through that drawer again! and once you begin to re-arange, you find things that you had forgotten about and you can have the chance to wear/use them again, or give them away/sell them to someone who will make a lot more use out of them than you would. 

And lastly Marie Kondo is a pretty funny lady, I wasn't expecting to laugh out loud at some of the comments she makes in the books, and it just made the book even more fun to read and I think I have a little author crush on her / huge respect for her haha. She just seems pretty damn cool!

I would definitely recommend reading this if you can, if you have any interest in tidying or organisation then definitely read it.. right now haha. I promise you won't regret it!
I'd love to know what you guys think about the book if you have already read it, did you have a massive epiphany after reading it too like me? haha

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